Rocker gaming chairs still hold a dear place in the hearts of many gamers that are accustomed to that style of gaming chairs. 

Despite there being only a few good rocker-style gaming chairs available in the market and most of those fall into the premium category.

Therefore, I am quite pleased to review the Respawn 800 rocker-style gaming chair that comes under $200. I believe this chair can be that unicorn that defines the budget category of gaming chairs.

So let’s give it a proper review and break down each of its aspects to see if the Respawn 800 really has what it takes to claim the top spot in the budget category.

Respawn Gaming Chair Review - RSP-800

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Respawn 800 Rocker Gaming Chair Review

  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable
  • Can rock up to 118°
  • Ample padding
  • Extendable footrest
  • Not a whole lot of adjustability
  • Fixed lumbar support

Bottom line:

Respawn 800 is hands down the best budget rocker chair out there. It does have its flaws but that is to be expected in a budget gaming chair. That said, however, its positive points outweigh the flaws. If you are looking for a rocker gaming chair at an affordable price then the Respawn 800 should be right up your alley.

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Editor’s Rating

Design and Overview

Respawn 800 gaming chair is a racing-style rocker. A rocker chair is something that has some give in its base and along the hydraulic arm allows the user to rock back and forth in the chair.

These chairs are mainly used for casual gaming when you kinda have to sit down and complete a mission of your favorite story game.

The rocking motion does not restrict the back of the user to one locked position. This puts less strain on the back when gaming for an extended time in a single sitting session.

 Enough with the explanation and coming to the design. This chair is available in a wide range of colors and is lounge-friendly. There is minimal branding on the upholstery with only a respawn name being embossed on the headset.

The two-tone color scheme is also well pulled off and the chair does not look overly sharp or bright for a lounge. Besides this coming the actual chair the seat is wide and will be able to house people with large body sizes.

 The back is also wide and tall with slight bolstering. The official rated weight capacity of the chair is 275lbs.

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Build Quality and Materials

The build quality of this chair is generally very good and refined. The base for a rocker-style gaming chair is surprisingly very solid and balanced. There is also minimal to no squeaking noise coming from the chair, though it will develop later down the line like with most gaming chairs. All the finishing of the chair is also pleasant and everything seems to be well put together.

The upholstery of the chair is made from leather material. There is soft foam beneath the leather which provides plushness to the padding. The cushioning on this chair is very dense and thick.

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Rocking Feature and Adjustability

The main feature of this chair has to be the proper rocking mechanism built into the chair. If you are habitual like me then you will appreciate what is done here.

The chair can rock up to a recline of 118°. There is also a knob on the underside of the seat which can be used to change the sensitivity of the rocking mechanism.

The chair in the reclined position also has an extendable footrest. There are also other features on the chair besides the rocking function which enhances its comfort.

This chair has flip-up armrests that be easily folded away out of sight when not needed.

Also, these armrests have a C shape to them rather than a straight flat design. This C shape is ergonomically better and provides superior support for the arm. This chair can also rotate 360 completely.

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Comfort and Ergonomic Support

Generally speaking, the comfort of this chair is good. An average size and build person will find this chair to be extremely comfortable.

The armrests are also well-padded and have soft cushioning. The chair however does not come with any external pillows for the lumbar or the neck rest which knocks some ergonomic points of this chair.

This might be a concern for many people but we are happy to report it has contours in the padding which act as lumbar support and a headrest pillow.

Overall, for a rocker-style gaming chair, the Respawn 800 does pretty well both in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

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To qualify as a value to money product a chair has to deliver an experience that is worth coming back to for an affordable price and that is exactly what we are getting here with the Respawn 800.

This rocker-style gaming chair from Respawn is one of the best budget gaming chairs that satisfies all your needs and wants from a chair.

It is comfortable, has a good build quality, and the rocking feature works well. Due to this chair being such a great overall package it truly justified the value for money tagline.

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Respawn Gaming Chair Review – RSP-800



Editor’s Rating

The answer to this question is quite simple. Even if you don’t like the Respawn RSP-800 you will have to buy it if you are looking for a budget rocker-style gaming chair.

The truth is besides this chair there aren’t many good affordable rocker-style gaming chairs.

That said though, I still believe this chair warrants a purchase because it fulfills all the core aspects of a good gaming chair. It is comfortable, has a good build quality, and its main feature the rocker function works well.

Why You Should Buy This Chair

  • You won’t find a better rocker gaming chair under the $200 price tag.
  • This chair has very soft padding making it extremely comfortable for long sitting sessions.

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • This chair does not have the most adjustability hence if you have an odd body shape getting comfortable here would be a challenge.

Overall, the Respawn RSP-800 gaming chair is a great affordable rocker-style gaming chair that has a lot going for it. It only has some minor flaws that are not deal breakers hence making it a no-brainer if you are on a budget and want a rocker-style gaming chair.

Respawn Gaming Chair Review - RSP-800

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