You don’t always need the fanciest gaming chair to have a comfortable gaming experience. Sometimes a basic gaming chair with well thought out gets the job done.

The OFM essentials gaming chair is one such chair that promises bling on a budget but can this sub $100 hold up, in the long run, is the main question.

To find that out I am going to break down each aspect of this gaming chair in our detailed review and see if it is a worthwhile investment or not.

OFM Gaming Chair Review

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OFM ESS-3085 Gaming Chair

  • Leather mesh hybrid padding
  • Decent build quality
  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • The simple and minimal aesthetic
  • Flip-up armrest
  • Lack of any major adjustability
  • No true recline
  • Barebone experience

Bottom line:

The OFM ESS-3085 is a basic entry-level gaming chair done right. The chair has a decent build quality and is comfortable. Most cheap chairs do not last long and flounder within the first few months but this thing can pull its weight. It is solid and robust and offers some basic functionality. This chair is suitable for someone buying his first gaming chair.

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Editor’s Rating

Design and Overview

This chair has a racing-inspired design but unlike most chairs, it does not have aggressive bolstering. This sets it apart from other chairs and increases the capacity of the seat and tolerance of the seat. The dimension of the chair has also been well thought and the chair does not have a sharp angle anywhere.

This chair is available in a wide array of colors ranging from dull colors to very sharp and bright colors.

There is no logo or branding on the upholstery which is a plus for most people because some manufacturers tend to add obnoxious branding which becomes the center point of the chair grabbing attention.

This chair is subtle enough to be used for professional work and also not too boring to fit in a gaming setup.

Looks aside which chair does a fine job of providing an ample amount of space for most people to sit in.

The backrest of the chair has some good height and the seat is also wide which makes this chair good for people with larger and bigger body sizes. The rated weight capacity of the chair by the company is 275lbs.

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Build Quality and Materials

The build quality of this chair is decent for a budget gaming chair. The frame of this chair is stiff and rigid

This rigidity comes from the metal which is used for the frame. The base of the chair is also solid and sturdy.

The only area where this chair lacks is the fit and finish of the final product. There are some areas where you will find the finish of the chair to be a little bit cheap and clunky.

The materials aspect is where this chair gets interesting. Rather than using a single material for the upholstery which chair uses mesh with bonded leather hence the name.

This mesh material is great for hot weather because it provides ventilation. Air can pass through mesh unlike leather so in this chair heat is not trapped as much as other Pu leather chairs.

This mesh is also good if you have pets in the house because scratching leather is way easier than mesh.

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For a budget-oriented gaming chair, this has a basic set of adjustability. The chair is height adjustable by a good 4-5”. This should be enough for most people out there.

The armrest has also retractable and can be flipped backward when not needed. The chair also has a rocking function.

With the knob placed on the underside of the seat, you can adjust the amount of tension and there is also a lever that triggers or stops the motion.

Unfortunately, no true recline is found on this chair which can be a deal-breaker for some people.

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Comfort and Ergonomic Support

Continuing with the comfort part this chair has no external pillows. The lumbar support and the headrest is integrated into the chair.

This can either be a good or a bad thing depending on the body of the person.

Since the lumbar support is not adjustability some will not find the position to be optimal and it will result in discomfort rather than comfort.

This is all personal and subjective depending on the body of the person but to sum it up the overall comfort of the chair is very good.

The ergonomics of the chair follow suit. Like its comfort brethren, the ergonomics support of this chair is good granted you fit perfectly in the chair.

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The OFM gaming chair costs under $100 hence making it the cheapest gaming chair you can buy that is somewhat decent to use.

Unlike other gaming chairs under the $100 price range, the OFM ESS-3085 is a properly executed gaming chair with no compromise on the comfort aspect.

This chair is, therefore, a pocket-friendly offering that does not stray away from its purpose of delivering exceptional value to consumers by delivering a product at an affordable price that does not suck.

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OFM Gaming Chair Review – ESS-3085



Editor’s Rating

As the name suggests this chair is indeed very basic and contains only the essentials that you need in a gaming chair.

That being said the thing that this chair has going for it is that it covers the basics of a gaming chair spectacularly.

This chair has good comfort and build quality hence it has got the two key characteristics of any gaming chair firmly in hand.

On top of that, the chair features essential adjustability which can be considered as a bonus since the OFM ESS-3085 costs less than $100.

Why You Should Buy This Chair

  • If you are shopping at the budget, OFM ESS-3085 is a great value to money buy.
  • The OFM ESS-3085 is wider and taller than most gaming chairs in the sub $100 price range hence will accommodate larger folks.

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • The chair is barebones and doesn’t offer a lot of functionality and adjustability.
  • There is no recline in the OFM essential gaming chair hence you will always be stuck in an upright position.

All things considered, the OFM gaming chair is a great value to money buy. It is an inexpensive gaming chair that doesn’t have any right to be as comfortable as it is. Coupled that with the good build quality and you have a winning formula for an affordable gaming chair.

OFM Gaming Chair Review

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