Killabee gaming chair caught my eye from the get-go and it will your’s as well when I tell you that this Killabee 9015 is big and tall gaming under the $200 price tag.

Seems pretty exciting finally having a large chair in the budget section, doesn’t it? I know there aren’t many options for larger and taller dudes in the budget gaming chair space so I especially wanted to thoroughly review this gaming chair and see if it can really hold up to its namesake.

Well, stick around if you having trouble finding a large chair because this might fill that void. So what do you say shall we break down each aspect of this gaming chair and see if it is worth it? Let’s begin.

Killabee Gaming Chair

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Killabee Gaming Chair Review – 9015 Classic Series

  • Well built
  • No creaks no squeaks
  • Wide and large seat
  • Thick padding for the seat
  • Can be reclined up to 170°
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow
  • Massage functionality
  • Retractable footrest
  • No neck rest pillow
  • Armrest are sparsely padded
  • Fixed non-adjustable armrests
  • No give in the backrest

Bottom line:

The Killabee 9015 is a very wide and tall gaming chair. It delivers what it had set out to achieve. It is a decent budget offering for larger and taller folks and covers most of the essential features of a great gaming chair albeit with a couple of drawbacks.

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Editor’s Rating

Design and Overview

Right of the bat, upon initial impressions you can not help but notice that the Killabee gaming chair is a heck of a lot larger compared to other gaming chairs. The company wasn’t wrong to associate the big and tall branding with their chair.

The seat has an approximate useable width of 22 inches with the backrest having a height of 32 inches. After seeing the numbers do I really need to tell you how large this chair is.

The Killabee 9015 gaming chair is available in a two-tone color scheme. There are 3 color options to choose from that being red-black, blue-black and, grey-black.

The two-tone colors are well blended and have good contrast though it would be nice to see the company offering more variety of colors so the consumer can choose the most optimum color and is not limited to 3 options.

The design of the chair is the usual Racing style design with a couple of well-thought-out changes that enhance the comfort of the chair.

The chair also has a cutout below the headset for air ventilation which is useful during the summer months. It just provides that little bit of extra ventilation.

This along with extra ventilation on the side and the seat of the chair also helps to prevent the excessive buildup of heat during hot days and heated gaming sessions.

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Build Quality and Materials

Coming onto the build quality makes me anxious because any chair marketed as being capable of supporting high weights needs to have good build quality.

Fortunately, the build quality of the chair is good. All the main parts are made of metal and are well reinforced. The assembly is also solid and no part is loose or chunky.

The chair also exhibits no squeaking sound even when it is fully reclined. In this position, the chair remains sturdy and there is no hint of the chair being imbalanced.

This chair is generously padded. It has multiple layers of soft memory foam with a PU leather outer. The leather is soft and plush and makes for a wonderful experience.

The seat has 4.5 inches of padding which is on the higher side when compared to gaming chairs in this category.

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For the adjustability, this chair is rather a mixed bag. Although it contains most of the typical adjustability aspects you would expect in this price range but it lacks one important bit.

That being a neck rest pillow. The Killabee 9015 has an integrated bulge that acts as a neck rest but as we all know that cannot take place of a proper pillow. Making matters integrated neck rest is obviously non-adjustable hence may not even suit most people, to begin with.

That being said if you are a tall guy, ideally between 6.2” and 6.5” you won’t have a problem with this neck rest. Others may find it uncomfortable.

The chair also has its positives beginning with an adjustable lumbar pillow. The lumbar pillow also supports massage functionality which is a pleasant surprise given the price of the chair.

The massage is accessed by plugging the wire of the pillow into a USB port. This pillow mimics massage by using vibrations and provides a couple of different modes aswell.

The other adjustability of the chair includes the ability to recline back the chair to 170°. With the push of the lever given below the seat, this chair can be reclined and locked into any position.

 There is also a flip-out footrest tucked under the seat which can be deployed easily. The recline along with the footrest makes this chair amazing for chilling or media consumption.

The chair also has height adjustment so getting the chair in the most optimum position in regards to your height is a non-issue. This chair also supports 360 rotation like office chairs.

This feature is useful but if you find it annoying you can easily lock the chair in one position. The chair however doesn’t support the rocking feature that provides a little bit of give in the backrest so you can rock back and forth.

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Comfort and Ergonomic

The Killabee gaming chair is very comfortable. The thick padding is great for long sitting sessions and people with large size body will also appreciate the plushness of the chair.

Unlike other gaming chairs, the seat and the backrest are not aggressively bolstered. This design combined with thick padding makes the chair fantastic for people with a strong build and tall height.

The only slight negative I have in the padding department is that the armrests can use a bit more padding because as of now they are rather brittle.

Overall, as you can see this chair has plenty of padding and is very comfortable but if you are looking for an ergonomic package then that it is not.

Due to the lack of aggressive bolstering and the neck rest pillow you don’t get to sit up in an upright posture all the time. This chair gives you the breathing room to slouch a bit.

Comfort-wise this may be a preference thing but for ergonomics slouching is bad.

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The value aspect is very important if you are looking for a chair in the budget segment. At the price point, we all want the product in our case the Killabee 9015 gaming chair to justify its price.

If we evaluate this chair based on the aforementioned information it can be easily seen that you are getting then you need with this price. For the price of $150 it covers quite literally everything and also adds in a massage feature for good measure.

Based on all this one can make out that the Killabee 9015 is a great value to money gaming chair that justifies its price tag.

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Killabee Massage Gaming Chair Review – 9015 Classic Series



Editor’s Rating

All in all, everything considered the Killabee gaming chair is undoubtedly a brilliant offering at the budget price point. Most importantly, for $150 you are getting a large and a tall gaming chair the likes of which are quite rare in today’s market.

Even that aside the chair fulfills the core aspects quite well. It is comfortable, has good build quality, features plenty of adjustment, and has good specifications to boot.

Overall, this Killabee gaming chair can fit any role. You can game on it, consume media, or take a casual nap while enjoying the utmost comfort.

The only major gripe with this chair is that it does not feature a neck rest which is the reason I won’t recommend this chair to everyone.

Why You Should Buy This Chair

  • The killable 9015 is the most reliable and comfortable gaming chair for larger folks on a budget
  • The functionality on this chair is really beneficial and great if you suffer your backache.

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • The killabee 9015 is large and has no bolstering for support hence skinner folks will find it to be unsupportive

Now given in what camp you fall you should either go right ahead and buy this chair or skip it altogether. Given what this chair represents there is no middle ground. If you are a larger person then I would highly recommend you to check it out because it’s one of a kind in the budget price range.

Killabee Gaming Chair

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