The popularity of sofa-style recliners is being ousted by the more popular racing-style gaming cars and therefore finding a good recliner gaming chair these days is not a walk in the park.

There do however exist some great recliners granted you are willing to locate them out.  Therefore in this article, I am going to review the Homall gaming recliner chair which on the surface seems to be a well-specced sofa chair.

In our typical fashion, this review will break down each element of the Homall recliner so that we are more accurately base our verdict on whether the chair is worth it or not. So without further ado, let’s dive into the review.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

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Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

  • Clean and simple design
  • Versatile; can be used for most applications
  • Soft and dense padding
  • Can recline up to 180°
  • Massage functionality
  • Lack of adjustability
  • Large and bulky

Bottom line:

There are not many good sofa-style gaming chairs floating around and the Homall recliner aims to fill that void. This chair on top of being a sofa-style gaming chair has a modern twist. It features reclining capability and also has a massage function making this chair not only great for gaming but also causal sitting.

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Editor’s Rating

Design and Overview

The first distinguishing element of this living room gaming chair is the chair itself. Unlike the typical gaming chairs which come in aggressive racing style designs, this chair adopts the sofa or couch footprint.

Of course, it is not like a generic couch which you will find in pretty much every household. It has plenty of added features and some neat design cues which make this a much more appealing alternative to a generic couch.

The chair can be had in 3 colors and all of them are quiet and subtle. Since this is a versatile chair catered towards many different applications the chair has a very toned-down aesthetic and is perfectly suited for a lounge setup.

There is some badging of the upholstery but it is done in a good way. It logo of the company and the model of the chair is printed on the lumbar pillow and the headrest respectively.

It is not overly sized and has good proportions. This adds some spice to the overall boring look of the chair. There is also a pouch on the side of the chair. This space can be used to store water bottles, snacks, documents, or anything similar.

For the seat dimension, this chair is quite tall but the width is compromised so people with large and wide-body may find this chair too snug and should look elsewhere but for an average guy the seating capacity is adequate. The rated weight capacity of the chair by the company is 265lbs.

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Build Quality and Materials

The build quality of this chair is what you will expect from a chair at this price point. It’s nothing extraordinary but still has that solid and robust feel.

This chair is also well weighty and has plenty of heft. The fit and finish of the materials also feel nice and this one should last you a while easily if you use the chair with some sort of care.

This sofa gaming chair has leather padding which covers the thick and dense foam beneath. The foam is soft and supple which gives the cushioning a very plush feel.

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Providing a twist on top of the classic sofa gaming chair formula this chair features a ton of useful adjustability. This chair has a decent recline function.

The chair can be reclined up to 180. This makes the chair suitable for use with any activity ranging from some serious gaming or work to chilling.

There is also a retractable footrest that can be easily extended. These make the chair fantastic for media consumption after you have finished work or gaming. Short naps can also be had on the chair in a pinch.

For proper relaxation, there is also a massage feature built-in. Though massage in most gaming chairs is mostly a gimmick but here we find it to be quite effective granted you use it for it a relaxing purpose and come at it with moderate expectation.

It is no way near any good standalone massage chair but having this feature in a chair at this price is already surprising we cannot complain much.

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Comfort and Ergonomic Support

The overall comfort of the chair is very good and the lumbar and headrest pillow makes it even better granted the person is the right size and perfectly suited for the chair otherwise the situation can be different.

The only slight gripe I have with the chair is that it is only comfortable as long the person seated on the chair fits in it perfectly.

Despite having a large and bulky look the seat width, in reality, is quite narrow. A safe assumption can be that average build people will fit in this chair fine but if you are not in the average range then you will find this chair to be uncomfortable.

So before this chair see whether if your body type is suited for this chair.

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Good sofa-style recliner gaming chairs are increasingly becoming hard to find especially at the sub $200 price tag where the Homall Recliner comes in.

If you are in the market for a sofa-style gaming chair then none provides more value than the Homall recliner chair.

This chair not only comes at a very reasonable price but also is nestled with useful features that you will come to appreciate as a daily user.

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Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Review



Editor’s Rating

Before we evaluate the chair on what it is let us establish the fact that there are not many Sofa style gaming chairs out there and the good available ones are very expensive.

This budget Homall Recliner overall fares quite well. It provides decent comfort granted you fit in the chair and I was also impressed by its build quality.

The 180-degree recline with a retractable footrest is great to have because you can basically make the chair fully horizontal and lay flat on it with the help of a footrest.

The massage feature is also a nifty little addition and can help to relieve some stress build-up in your back.

Why You Should Buy This Chair

  • If you are looking for a decent recliner of a budget then the Homall might be your only worthwhile option
  • The massage functionality provided here is top-notch and better when compared to other chairs

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • If you are a large person then the Homall Recliner is not for you because of the narrow seat design

All in all, if I had to recommend the Homall recliner then I would do so gladly because frankly there aren’t many good options for a sofa recliner at this price point and the Homall recliner is the best among them.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

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