How good can a gaming chair priced under $100 be? I am sure you have come to this review of the Furmax gaming chair with that question in mind because, to be honest, I am as surprised as you are with the price tag.

The price of around $100 for a proper gaming chair may seem like a steal but there is surely more to it right. Well, let’s dig into the in-depth review of the Furmax racing-style gaming chair to find out if this chair is worth the price tag.

Furmax Gaming Chair

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Furmax High-Back Gaming Chair

  • Very inexpensive
  • Good build quality
  • Supportive and comfortable padding
  • Can recline up to 180°
  • Lacks refinement and attention to detail
  • Armrests are not adjustable

Bottom line:

For a budget gaming chair, this Furmax high-back chair is a no-brainer. The chair completely justifies its cost. The comfort and adjustability it provides are commendable and the general build quality is also pretty good.

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Editor’s Rating

Overview and Design

The Furmax gaming chair has a simple and minimal design. To add a little touch of spice the chair has a little red accent throughout.

Overall, however, this is a very stealthy chair and is not limited to just gaming. It is versatile enough to be used for work or professional use.

Being a beginner’s chair, this is straightforward to assemble. The instructions provided are clear and easy to follow. When assembled the chair comes out to be quite fine.

The seat height width is good and the chair height is also reasonable. There is adequate bolstering to keep the body locked in place.

Due to the wide seat, this chair is very accommodating for bigger people as well. The official rated weight capacity is 300lbs by the company and people with tall height will also find the height of the chair to be adequate.

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Build Quality and Materials

The build quality of this chair is fine but you will be reminded of the chair being cheap in many instances.

The basic frame of the chair is solid and for the price, it is quite surprising to find such a high-quality frame. But as soon as you dig deeper for a close inspection you get reminded of the subpar build.

The fit and finish of the chair are not good at all and some spots on the chair straight up feel cheap and clunky.

A better finish to the product should have been provided but honestly, if we look at the other budget chairs this has much more solid and rigid so we have to give it that.

Although a little lacking in the finishing front, this chair redeems itself when it comes to material use.

The padding of the chair is provided by a leather material that is plush and soft. It has an adequate thickness to prevent any fatigue or stress buildup during long sitting sessions.

The armrests also come padding with a rubber-like material. Overall, the choice and the use of materials on this chair is quite satisfactory and they will hold up well in the long run.

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In terms of adjustability, this chair does not feel inexpensive at all, rather it has a ton of adjustability.

The chair can recline up to 180°. This is even more recline than some chairs with twice the cost. The chair can also be used to rock back and forth with a tensioning knob being included on the underside of the chair to adjust the sensitivity.

Another adjustability of this chair includes generous height adjustment to which this chair can get pretty high which makes it suitable for taller people. The chair also has a 360° swivel motion which can also come in handy.

On the negative side, the chair lacks any sort of armrest adjustment but that is to be expected for the price. The armrests on this chair are fixed and are not adjustable to the slightest.

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Comfort and Ergonomic Support

The Furmax gaming chair comes with a lumbar and a neck rest pillow to support your body in the most optimal position.

Both the pillows are very good and shaped ergonomically to keep your body in the best posture. The shape of the chair is also such that it commands a proper posture when sitting on it.

Overall, the comfort of this chair is very good granted your height falls in the 5.4” to 6.1” range which is deemed the most suitable for this chair.

Due to the unadjustable armrests, people with short and extreme height may find the armrests to be in a rough and uncomfortable spot. Other than that, this chair is pretty good in terms of comfort.

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If it still wasn’t apparent enough that this chair is the best value for money gaming chair you can buy then I don’t know what will.

The thing literally costs $85, making it one of the lowest-priced gaming chairs currently available on the market. For the price, this is a great entry-level gaming chair any person can buy.

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Furmax High-Back Gaming Chair Review



Editor’s Rating

The Furmax gaming chair warrants unprecedented praise because at the price point it is opening the possibility of gaming chairs to a lot more audience that may otherwise be resistant to fork out $100 or more for a gaming chair.

This alone is worth buying the chair over but if we even evaluate further we only uncover more reasons to buy the Furmax gaming chair.

This chair provides very comfortable seating and also hosts plenty of adjustability in key areas. The build quality is also good hence there isn’t much to complain about.

Why You Should Buy This Chair

  • The furmax gaming chair is one of the better gaming chairs under the $100 price range
  • The chair is supportive and keeps your body in a good posture
  • For the price, the chair is built fantastically. No creaks or rattles are present in this chair.

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • The chair is not the widest nor the tallest one around and hence won’t be suitable for larger folks.
  • This chair has fixed armrests. If you rely on armrests for comfort then you will find this chair uncomfortable.

Overall, I consider the Furmax gaming chair to be a great offering at the price tag. Firstly, there aren’t many gaming chair options at this price point, and even if there are the chairs that are present as not as good as the Furmax. Hence the Furmax gaming chair earns my recommendation as the best gaming chair under $100.

Furmax Gaming Chair

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