Finding a hidden gem in the budget gaming chair category is a tough ask because most gaming chairs at the budget price point are not good. ut that isn’t to say that there are no good chairs at the budget price point. Truth be told some pleasant surprises are waiting to be explored.

I believe we have hit the jackpot with the Devoko gaming chair that is going to be reviewed today and this might be a unicorn product at the sub $150 price range.

To find out if this gaming chair is really special let’s break down each of its aspects and see how it can hold up for daily use. So what are we waiting for let’s dive straight into the review of the Devoko racing-style gaming chair?

Devoko Gaming Chair

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Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Value for money gaming chair
  • Soft and supportive padding
  • Bold and striking design
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar and neck pillows
  • Build Quality needs some improvement
  • The padding on the armrests is insufficient

Bottom line:

This Devoko gaming chair is a great budget option that is suitable for people who do not want to shell a ridiculous amount of money on a gaming chair. This chair is a fine bridge between the low-quality cheap chairs and the higher quality expensive ones hence contains a well-rounded mix of comfort and build quality.

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Editor’s Rating

Design and Overview

The design of the chair exhibits a premium feel which is not found in other budget chairs. The chair is available in 3 colors. All the colors come in a two-tone color scheme.

You have the option of white, red, and blue with black acting as the base color of the chair. The wheels of the chair are finished in the same trim color as the upholstery.

The chair has a quilted cross-stitched leather throughout its upholstery. The quilting starts from the headrest and extends through the middle part of the backrest and finally finishes in the seat cushion.

This provides the chair with a sophisticated and premium finish and helps to elevate its design above the other offering in the same price segment. The branding is embossed on both the head portion of the chair as well as the lumbar pillow.

This chair is a racing-inspired gaming chair which reflects in its design. The chair has a pointy design with aggressive bolsters on the side of the seat and the backrest.

This makes the chair suited for people with small to moderate body types and folks with big and wide-body may find this chair a little on the uncomfortable side. From the manufacturer, this chair is rated to support a load capacity of up to 330lbs.

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Build Quality and Materials

Being a budget chair build quality is not a strong suit of this chair. Though it fares well than most budget-oriented gaming chairs but then again that is not the best of designations either.

This chair will do fine for normal use but longevity on this one is a little bit concerning. Also, there are squeaking noises generated by the chair which further gives the impression of this being a low-quality product.

The material used for the padding of this chair is nothing to complain about. The cross-stitched leather with a thick memory foam layer beneath acts as one of the finest cushioning you are going to sit upon.

The seat also has optimal thickness for maximum comfort without being overly bulky. The only minor problem with this chair is the aggressive bolstering which people with large and wide-body may find uncomfortable.

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When coming to adjustability this budget chair fares rather well in that regard.

The chair can recline up to 160° and also is capable of maintaining its balance even at full tilt. This facilitates the user and allows him greater versatility over his posture.

There is also a tensioning knob included under the seat which can be used to adjust the give of the chair.

Moving along this chair has height adjustment not only for the seat but also the armrest. This makes finding a position better suited for your body an easy task. Besides this, the chair also has a 360 swivel mechanism.

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Comfort and Ergonomic Support

This chair is very comfortable for a budget gaming chair. It has a very supportive shape suited for the contours of your body. The inclusion of adjustable lumbar and neck rest pillows greatly enhance comfort and your posture as well.

This is because the shape of the pillows is perfect according to a human body and the size is also well-thought-out. Overall, this chair provides a good amount of comfort and ergonomic support considering its rather low price tag.

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When it comes to the value proposition of the Devoko racing-style gaming chair there is no beating around the bush here.

Considering this $150 gaming chair provides such a good overall package with adequate comfort, decent build quality, and plenty of adjustability it becomes hard to ignore this chair as a great value for money offering.

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Devoko Gaming Chair Review



Editor’s Rating

The Devoko racing-style gaming chair hits a home run in some aspects while falters a little in the others.

For starters, it has great comfort. The quilter cross-stitched leather padding of this chair has to be the best in its class. There is no denying that in terms of comfort and ergonomics we have a winner on our hands.

Adjustability also follows in the same vein as comfort. This chair has plenty of adjustability so any individual irrespective of his weight and height can get into a comfortable position on this chair.

Where this gaming chair leaves a little room for improvement is when it comes to the build quality. Although nothing horrendous the build quality is still somewhat subpar when compared to others.

Why You Should Buy This Chair

  • At the price of around $150 I cannot think of a chair that provides a premium look and feel like this Devoko gaming chair
  • The padding of this chair is extremely comfortable and supportive. If you are concerned about comfort then this is your best bet.

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • If you plan on keeping the chair for a very long time then this chair is not the one you should go for because of the subpar build quality

To conclude, the Devoko racing-style gaming chair is a good entry-level gaming chair. This chair will serve you well if you are looking for an affordable gaming chair as your first gaming chair and want it to be comfortable and supportive. Though it wouldn’t want to keep it for long because it will start to deteriorate and creak over time.

Devoko Gaming Chair

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