As technology plays an ever-increasing role in modern life, no area has escaped its influence. From purchasing the latest smartphone using your old device to securing investments and even consulting your doctor, the emphasis is on remote, speed, and convenience. We live in a fast-moving and modern society that never sleeps.

You’d be wrong if you thought professional sport had survived tech and its impact. But how can American Football, soccer, and tennis use technology? The sports are hundreds of years old, and the rules have remained unchanged for generations. Technology has altered how we play, watch and interact with our favorite sports, from Hawkeye technology at Wimbledon to the always contentious VAR in the English Premier League. Things will never be the same again.

Tech has modernized how we predict the score of the top sports fixtures, watch the big game live, and purchase tickets for the next match or official merchandise. You may have already noticed. Perhaps you expected it to pass, sinking into the history books like the Golden Goal and Silver Goals briefly used at the FIFA World Cup. 

But it’s apparent professional sport has changed direction, and there’s no going back. To keep up with the pace, you must become familiar with how tech works in sports and how it can improve your viewing experience, either when watching the Super Bowl at home or the Kentucky Derby from the trackside.

Smartphone Live Streams

Remember when you only had two options to follow the play remotely? You could watch the game live on television or listen to the action on your radio. Many fans continue to enjoy the NBA, NFL, and NHL in that fashion, but a modern alternative has shaken things up.

Live streaming allows us to watch professional sports from anywhere worldwide, and you’ll enjoy the same great coverage you’d expect to find at a major TV broadcaster and the exciting commentary on the radio. The leading live streaming apps are downloaded to Android and iOS smartphone devices and provide HD-quality coverage. The sound is crystal clear, with exciting camera angles that bring the viewer up close and personal with the athletes.

But the main benefit to choosing a live-streaming app is it’s fully remote and mobile. Turn everyday scenarios into an opportunity to view your team or player shooting for the win. Watch on your smartphone while lazing on the sofa at home or on the move. You only need a modern device and available data or a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Rules and Regulations

No tech has revolutionized sports like the Virtual Assistant Referee in the English Premier League. Soccer’s most famous and best-watched club competition knows its millions of fans remain divided on VAR and its use in the beautiful game. 

For some, VAR removes the pressure from referees by helping them make the correct decision on potentially game-changing plays, such as a penalty or red card. The ref will make their initial decision, and then, if that decision is flagged by the VAR panel watching the live footage, they’ll call the official over to have another look. The referee then views the incident again on the pitchside monitor and has the chance to change his mind or stick with his first thought. 

VAR decisions are helpful and frustrating in equal measure. They make correct and undisputable decisions each time it’s called into action, but a large section of soccer lovers liked the beauty and uncertainty of leaving it to human error. That’s fine when it goes in your favor, of course.

But it can be frustrating when your team scores a goal, only for the wild celebrations to be cut short for a VAR inspection and the goal denied. Some supporters in the terraces now wait for official confirmation before celebrating a goal, contributing to a reduction in passion.

Purchasing Your Tickets

Fancy visiting the stadium to cheer your team on from the stands? You can purchase official tickets, merchandise, and stadium tours from your club’s website or mobile app. You know your payment information and online privacy is protected. 

You can always be sure 100% of your purchase goes straight into your team’s coffers. Buy tickets and other purchases using your debit card, e-wallet, or crypto account, with the merchandise and tickets posted to your chosen address.

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