Family Tree Now is a website that helps you locate people no matter which part of the world they are currently in. The website shocked millions of users when they found out that the data is not only true but free as well. You can literally just search for anyone using their names and some other basic information and FamilyTreeNow will bring you results that would not only surprise you, but leave you questioning your own privacy in this era.

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FamilyTreeNow can help you discover and trace your ancestors!

If you are someone who wants to know their family history and be more acquainted with your lineage, Family History Now can do that for you. For people who don’t know where they came from, or who are unfamiliar with their true roots, this is an amazing option. You can simply browse through the website and add your information, and if you are lucky and know the actual names of your ancestors, you can even search for them. Family Tree Now will fetch the information from the deepest pits of the internet and bring it to you, absolutely free of cost.

Family Tree Now lets you add your own family tree information for future generations.

Many people want to conserve their names and family traditions for their descendants for the years to come. If you are one of them, you can simply add your own family tree by putting up the information online by creating records, and even adding multiple records of your own family found in the search results. You can join the profiles and create one big family tree of your own so that when your kids and grandkids search you someday, it’s all available for them online.

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Family Tree Now is surprisingly accurate

For people who are curious if the website is just another marketing gimmick for people to earn revenue for no reason at all, it’s not. The website is astoundingly accurate. The reason is the tricks Family Tree Now uses to fetch data. Now you may be wondering, how do they do that? The answer is simple: Through your social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and any other public source of information that they can easily find online. The data is combined together and merged to form a family tree.

What information does Family Tree Now contain?

The main information that this website includes in the search results is the census records and information collected in any kind of census surveys. It also includes biodata of people such as name, age, birthplace, parents’ names and residential address. It also contains birth records and death records of people.

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How do I get my data removed from FamilyTreeNow?

This website doesn’t create data on their own, but just show you the compiled data brought that is simply available online for the public. So if you want your data to be removed from this website, you can either request them by emailing them with your profile or simply removing all public data under privacy concerns.

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