Trademark symbols are important if you want to give an authentic feeling to your business name, and let everyone know that the name is officially trademarked by your company. It is a claim that your logo, term, name, or any other specification of your business is trademarked, and is under your ownership by law.

If you’re looking to add a trademark symbol in a design or text on your Mac or Windows computer, you have come to the right place. Simply read the steps below to find out how to type trademark symbol on Mac and Windows.

But before you start, it is important to note that trademark symbols are appeared differently on each computer. You might see ® on one computer ™ on other. It depends on your browsers.  No need to worry though, because even if they look different, their meaning is the same.

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How to Type Trademark Symbol on Mac?

If you want to add the TM symbol on your mac, you simply need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a word document. You can also launch notepad or any other application that lets you write freely, and also supports symbols.

Step 2: Click on the text that you want to insert the TM symbol in. Make sure to click after the text, not before it.

Step 3: Now, to add the trademark symbol, simply Press ‘Option and “2” key, at a time. In case you are unable to click or press both keys at the same time, click on the Option key before and then click 2 key, but both keys have to be held at the same time. Make sure to hold the Option key before 2 key, and not the other way around as it won’t work that way.

Step 4: A trademark symbol will appear. You can simply use it as it is, or copy the simply and paste it someplace else.

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How to Type a Registered TM Symbol on Mac?

Sometimes, just a TM symbol is not enough to show your complete authorization over the content, design, or name that you want to trademark. You need to put in the effort to make a registered trademark symbol as it is legally recognized by US patents. Follow the steps below to easily add a registered trademark symbol on your Mac computer

Step 1: Launch a word document or notepad. You can also open the design page and add a text option to insert the symbol.

Step 2: Click on the space where you want to insert or add a registered trademark symbol

Step 3: Press the Option button and hold it, and then press and hold the R button. You can also press and hold both buttons at the same time.

Step 4: Quickly release the buttons to insert the registered trademark symbol

Step 5: You have successfully inserted a registered trademark symbol to your document. Either use it directly or copy the symbol and paste it somewhere else.

How to Type Trademark Symbol on Windows?

If you own a Windows computer, you can add a TM symbol within the document very easily. Follow these steps to find out how:

Step 1: Open the word document or the file where you would like to insert the trademark symbol. Scroll your cursor and click at the space where you would like your trademark symbol to appear.

Step 2: Press ‘Alt’ key, and follow up instantly with 0,1,7,4 keys in the same order.

Step 3: You’ll notice that a trademark symbol will instantly appear at the place where you have placed the cursor

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How to Type Registered TM Symbol on Windows?

Since registered TM tells the audience that you have the legal license for your trademark, you need to insert it in order to prove your legal validity and to protect your business or logo from being copied or plagiarized. Instead of wasting time filing a case for plagiarism later on, simply add a registered trademark symbol to alert and warn people that the content is under your registered ownership.

Follow these steps to add a registered trademark symbol on Windows:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word Document on your Windows Computer

Step 2: Scroll towards the top left and click on ‘File’ Option.

Step 3: Click on ‘Options’ and move towards the option of ‘Proofing’. Click on it.

Step 4: Click and select the option ‘Autocorrect’ and check the box of ‘Replace text as you type’

Step 5: The symbols sections will have a complete list of symbols. Simply click on it to add it to your clipboard, or click on it and copy the symbol.

Step 6: Close the window and go to the word document.

Step 7: At this point, you have two options. Either write (r) in the same format and Word will automatically change it for you. Or, paste the registered TM symbol directly available on your clipboard.

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