The Internet has transformed our world exponentially but you have heard that a million times now, haven’t you. What is more exciting however is how the internet has eased the day-to-day life of an individual. 

It is quite hard to imagine how difficult it will be without the mainstream availability of the Internet to interact with our daily routine. Almost everything from banking, buying, transport, etc relies upon the internet. 

Since the Internet has been deeply entrenched in our daily lives in this article we are going to discuss the impact that the ease of Internet access over the years has had.

1. New Business Opportunities

One of the most important benefits of the internet is that it has given the people of the world new opportunities to make money. One of these opportunities has been the increase in the number of Etsy businesses that have opened up lately. Everything that is required is the deciphering of a product and the creation of a website. Once that is done, you are well on your way to selling the product on the website you just created. You do not just have to sell a product; you can also sell a service. One of the prime examples is the one-on-one and group tutoring happening on different sites of the global network. You can also collaborate with people from away using the internet. Songwriters are finding ways to collaborate using the internet, thereby allowing for a cultural fusion to happen when songwriters from different nations collaborate. 

2. Corporate Structure

The corporate structure of the world, especially after the coronavirus pandemic, has shifted to a remote-style culture where everyone works separately within the comfort of their homes. This not only saves workers the cost of commuting to and from their workplaces but it also saves the overhead costs of the employers as they no longer have to have up and running offices. Besides, the people of the world have a way to cope with the situation the next time the entire human race needs to be distanced from one another all thanks to the internet. 

The internet has allowed for a lot of offshoring of jobs to people in developing countries. This has taken place because companies can get away with hiring a person in those parts of the world for lower wages. Slowly and hopefully, this will result in the overall development of the third world. Indeed, the internet is changing the world into a global village where you can contact anyone at the press of a button and the quality of life of people in one region impacts the quality of life of people in other regions.

3. Gaining Information

Another thing that is used for many in the world is the fact that there is a lot more space for people to have a more important learning experience on the internet. People learn a lot from the internet. Schoolchildren often look towards Khan Academy for teaching them things they did not fully understand in their classes. This scenario became even more prevalent when schools were closed down during the pandemic. School-going kids are not the only people who use the internet to learn new things; adults also watch YouTube videos to accomplish everyday tasks like cooking a dish. Do It Yourself videos have gained much more prominence in recent years. In these kinds of videos, people are shown how to complete a rather complicated task, like setting up an appliance, themselves.

4. Having Fun

The internet isn’t only there for learning new things and making money; it also helps you have fun. You can watch others have fun using the internet as well. Want to watch a movie? You can easily see it using streaming sites such as Netflix. These sites also allow you to enjoy episodes of television shows as well.  One of the most useful ways the internet helps mankind is with raising kids. Need someone to entertain a bored kid? Just put on Cocomelon videos and get your kids completely indulged in it. Make sure you have reliable internet service, like Xfinity internet, for a smooth streaming experience. 

5. Interactions With Loved Ones

Perhaps, the most important benefit that the internet has brought to humankind has been the opportunity for people to have meaningful interactions over long distances. Imagine how difficult it would have been to say bye to our friends from college if the internet was not there. You saw them each day for four years but suddenly you would not be interacting with them ever again! Fortunately for all of us, we can know what our friends have been up to each day by watching their Instagram stories


Yes, the internet has had some negative impacts in the form of criminal activity and we need to exercise caution, especially when it comes to kids. Nonetheless, for many in the world, the internet has brought great news. It has brought people closer and has given the opportunity to many to make money. 

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