Remote work is becoming more and more common almost every day. With lots of technologies and opportunities available, many professionals choose to do their jobs from home. 

It ensures more flexibility and opportunity to have a healthier work-life balance. And for many, it is much more comfortable. There are plenty of careers based on creativity that one can pursue remotely. Indeed, almost any job requires some level of imagination and vision. But there are those where it is a crucial component. 

Today, one can work as a 3D visualizer, graphic designer, or writer without getting to the office. If you are interested in such opportunities, this article is for you. By partnering with Jooble’s team, we’ve narrowed down 5 top careers one can do remotely. 

5 Creative Jobs You Could Do From Home

1. Photographer and Editor

Photography is demanded everywhere, so you can offer such services to both individuals and companies. It requires patience, attention to detail, and artistic vision. Some prefer working on portraits, and others create beautiful wedding photographs. Among the benefits of this career is a multitude of niches and specializations. And there are also many prospects for professional growth and development. 

In any case, it is a perfect opportunity to be your own boss and work remotely. Another good choice is to focus on photo editing. You’ll need to have a good command of specific software to enhance pictures. Editors work on color correction, lighting, exposure, and eliminating slight imperfections. 

2. Social Media Manager

All tasks regarding social media management and digital marketing can be performed from anywhere in the world. All you need is your expertise and a good internet connection. There are several specializations in this sphere one can concentrate on: 

  • Managing social media of an individual or brand (creating strategy, posting, promoting, drafting content); 
  • Content creation for personal SM; 
  • Working as a digital marketer (building strategy, optimizing content and websites, SEO);
  • Creating content strategies; 
  • Focusing on paid promotion campaigns for brands. 

Overall, one needs to be good with technology and resourceful when coming up with original ideas. One of the good things about this career is that you do not need specific education to start. However, you need to have a portfolio with successful cases to attract new clients if you work individually. 

3. Writer

The writer is a broad term that can be applied to various specializations. Basically, almost any type of writing can be done at home. Such careers do not usually require going to the office or even working for a company. One can be a freelancer and stay in control of their workload. 

If you have advanced writing skills, there are several niches you can consider, for instance: 

  • Blogging; 
  • Ghostwriting; 
  • Copywriting; 
  • Proposal writing;
  • Technical writing; 
  • Editing; 
  • Journalism. 

There is always a decent demand for authors of all sorts, from novelists to freelance blog writers that create different content. 

Overall, any kind of text you can think of is written by someone. So whether you prefer technical and academic style or creative writing, there are opportunities. In many cases, professionals can combine several niches. 

4. Web and Graphic Design 

These are two different professions, yet they are closely connected. Web designers develop all visual aspects of websites. For example, interface elements, buttons, animations, and sliders. This career involves coding and working with programmers in collaboration. 

Graphic designers create visual art of various kinds. They can create prints, illustrations, images for websites, or brand logotypes. They often work with web designers to turn their vision into a particular form. 

But they do not have to work only on the websites and visual elements for them. Some might focus on branding and marketing design; others do illustration for e-books or work for an agency that takes on various projects. As almost all the work is done via laptop or tablet, it can be easily done from home.  

5. Animator 

Animators also create visual art for digital media, but they also add dynamics. They can work on TV shows, animation series, or video game projects. 

They create specific characters and their designs. Animators also work on settings and all that goes in the picture. One of those careers combines art with technology as the moving part is done via specialized software. 

Bottom Line

Working from home is a desirable opportunity for many professionals. It allows for more liberty in many spheres of life. Fortunately, a lot of jobs can be done remotely without any issues. 

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