Against the background of large-scale digitization of the economy and social life and the rapid growth of smartphone users, the number of active audiences of social networks worldwide is growing. Therefore, the role of social media marketing is essential in any enterprise’s marketing communications system. Every student at least once hears this word in the lesson in the educational centre.

As a result of the rapid pace of changes in the popularity of various networks, ranking algorithms, promotion trends, content, constant monitoring and adaptation of the SMM strategy of enterprises by the needs of the target audience in SM is necessary. Therefore, the task consists in substantiating the main motives for the presence of enterprises in the SM and determining the actual tasks that can be solved with the help of the SMM.

What Are SM and SMM?

Social media marketing or social network marketing (SMM) is a relatively new field of activity for modern enterprises. They are actively mastering, regardless of the scale and specificity of their actions. Social media marketing is a unique tool of Internet marketing that involves promoting a product or service. The content is created and updated by the efforts of their visitors. Launching viral marketing mechanisms increases the information highlighted on the site. Also, it increases its ranking in search engines. SMM is a set of measures for using social media as channels for promoting companies and solving other business tasks of the enterprise. Social networks have become a popular tool for solving the business problems of companies and brands. 

Nowadays, there are so many opportunities to learn how to do SMM. There are even special marketing schools. In such schools, you can learn how to promote your brand and use social media correctly. If you don’t want to go to school, you can do self-education. You can visit a library, read a book or take a special course. Nowadays, you can find many advertisement essay examples on the Internet, allowing you to understand all the terms better. Such essay examples on advertisement analysis will add insight into why such advertising is needed and why social media networks are so relevant now. After all, the world is progressing and developing, so it is helpful for modern people in business and ordinary people to know about such things as SMM.

Business Benefits and Why Is Social Media Important?

SM today, as experts note, is a full-fledged alternative to television. However, they have several significant advantages for businesses compared to television, namely:

  • wide audience;
  • the ability to have detailed audience statistics;
  • interactive interaction with the audience;
  • the viral effect of the content and the possibility of its rapid distribution;
  • the case of complex targeting settings for advertising; mostly non-advertising format in the form of real-life stories, which are organically perceived by the audience;
  • low promotion cost and the ability to do business online without additional resources;

Purpose of Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing aims to consumer interest, create a positive brand image, and position the company. The primary task is not to make a profit but to satisfy the needs of consumers and win their trust and affection. The uniqueness of social media lies in the fact that it allows the company to interact directly with consumers. It happens without the intrusive action of traditional marketing technologies. For example, suppose a company creates a product page on social media. In that case, users can:

  • post their comments;
  • recommendations;
  • reviews;
  • ask questions;
  • interact;
  • discuss the company, brand, product, or service;

Any consumer feedback and comments one user leaves can catalyze another user. As a result, encourage the choice of a particular company, brand, product, or service.

Types of Media

Social networks are created specifically for people to interact with each other. The term “social network” is usually understood as a resource that allows users to organize communities. It provides according to the field and type of activity.


Blogs are sites where entries can be made in the form of journal articles, notes, or just exciting links.


In this case, we are dealing with short updates of our status, which involve restrictions on the amount of text.

Photo and Video Services

Such sites allow users to share their photos and videos with the world. In addition, unlike conventional file repositories, such services function together with social networks.

Social Tabs

Social tab sites allow users to save links to areas of interest, share them with friends, and access them from other computers. 

Social News

Social news sites collect links to events, articles, and images published on the Internet. Users rate all information; the most popular are displayed on the resource’s main page.


This new way of distributing audio and video content over the Internet has only been around for a few years and allows anyone to create content. There is also an option to subscribe to a specific podcast, automatically updating as new media files arrive.

Web Forums

They are one of the oldest forms of social media, a resource where users discuss specific thematic issues.

Although social media are very diverse, practical marketers mostly prefer social networks. At the current stage, they are a combination of many services that exist on the Internet.


Social networks are an effective platform for delivering marketing messages to the end consumer. Because of this, companies must be present in these SMs and messengers. Today, social networks are an effective tool for business promotion, interaction, and influence on the audience, which has significant advantages compared to other Internet marketing tools in the form of accessibility, and the ability to get an immediate effect with relatively low costs. The effectiveness of the use of social media will depend on the chosen strategy and model of brand presence, type of activity, and scale, as well as on the value, quality, and interest of the content created.

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