Kids Coding Languages

10 Programming Languages to Teach Kids How to Code

Kids Coding Languages: 10 Programming Languages to Teach Kids How to Code Software development and coding is a skill that develops and enhances the learning potential and improves analytical reasoning skills in...
GachiGASM and GachiBASS

What Does GachiGASM Mean?

GachiGASM: What it is and How to use it? After a remix song was released on the social music app and streaming site known as plug dj of a wrestling fight of...

What Does 4Head Mean?

4Head Meaning and How to Use it? If you’re a gamer, or you play the league of legends, chances are that you have been spammed with 4head many times. You might not...

What Does PogChamp Mean?

PogChamp meaning and how should you use it Since the start of time, gamers have used their own languages to signify their reactions to something intense happening and it won’t be wrong...

What Does Poggers Mean?

Poggers meaning and How to use it Poggers is a widely used twitch emote or meme, viral on social networking and gaming sites. Reddit users use it quite often, however it is...

What Does monkaS Mean?

MonkaS Meaning and How Should You Use It MonkaS is probably the most used twitch emote on the gaming platform, and it may be for a reason. You might have seen this...
Trademark Symbol-tm Symbol

How to Type Trademark Symbol on Mac and Windows

How to type trademark symbol on Mac and Windows Trademark symbols are important if you want to give an authentic feeling to your business name, and let everyone know that the name...
IIRC Meaning

What Does IIRC Stands For? And How You Should Use It

IIRC Meaning and How Should You Use It? If you’re a millennial, chances are that you use acronyms in your text messages and email conversations a lot.  If you’re confused about what...
Find People Online With ZabaSearch

How To Find People Online With ZabaSearch

How To Find People Online With ZabaSearch What is ZabaSearch? Zabasearch is an innovation that has made our lives faster, but easier when searching for a lead in information about someone, online. It...
NSFW Meaning

The Meaning of NSFW and How You Should Use It?

NSFW Meaning and How You Should Use It? The acronym NSFW is used at the start of articles, videos or emails. You may have received a link to some kind of video...