Businesses do not hesitate to create unique applications to facilitate the life of their beloved customers. Of course, iOS and Android apps development are more than helping your clients happier with a convenient tool. Those programs show your business competence and attract more customers, as they can find your offers with one click. So, mobile app development is vital for businesses (and not only for them).

New business doers might wonder why to contribute to mobile app development if the business has just started its existence. Isn’t it a bit early to think of such a complex project? And the answer is: it is never early, but it might be late. Plus, development in advance allows business people to have more resilience with the project implementation. And here are the trends that will be relevant for a long time in case your startup can use an app now!

1. Mobile Optimization for All Devices

Even the best mobile app development result will not look good on both a tablet and a phone. Technical peculiarities make the dominant version more convenient, while the second suffers neglect and becomes less useful. Moreover, there are not solely phones and tablets! Some people use wearable devices like watches occasionally. Yet, you want that occasion to bring an order you can execute for your customer.

So, it is unwise to prioritize one version and let the others rot. The solution is to use a responsive design while developing an app for various devices. It ensures that each user will get a delightful version of your application.

2. Cloud-Based Solutions

Integrating cloud technologies allows us to create accessible applications and make them safer and more reliable. It is a significant trend in mobile app development as it resolves various issues relevant to many businesses.

Cloud-based solutions make an application quickly reachable for users. It happens because of lower latency and the possibility to connect to any device with internet access. Also, regular updates become more comfortable to deliver, and you do not need to bother your users.

3. Artificial Intelligence

The integration of AI is the most significant mobile app development trend for now and in the future. It allows us to create a more personalized user experience, operates with big data, and even make autonomous decisions. Also, it can find new business opportunities or optimize marketing efforts according to a customer’s behavior.

4. Data Security

No one will use your app if it is not safe enough. So, the development process should ensure that customers’ sensitive data remains inaccessible to scammers and other malicious individuals. It is a significant challenge as new technologies allow fraudsters to find new ways of stealing information. So, security should be the #1 priority for businesses considering developing an app.

5. IoT Solutions

The internet of things opportunities is one of the most significant business trends. It allows us to create a more comfortable user experience and optimize many business processes.

IoT solutions make an app more interactive. For example, it can collect data from various devices and use it to provide a better service. Also, those technologies allow us to save time and money by automating some processes.

6. AR and VR Technologies

Virtual reality and augmented reality are significant mobile app development trends for now. They create a more immersive user experience and can be used in various spheres. Suppose your business is about selling furniture. AR can help with online shopping as it allows customers to see what an item will look like in their homes.

The VR is not always necessarily elaborate and demands special goggles! Your alternative presentation can resemble Google Maps. So, people can “walk” in the aisle and “turn their heads” analyzing your offers. Another example is digital galleries that appeared during the COVID crisis. Yet again, creating a whole digital lot with many rooms is not obligatory. One room suffices to present some of your best offers!

7. Hands-Free Interaction

Voice control and other hands-free interaction methods are getting more popular. They allow us to use an app while driving or doing some other activities that occupy both our hands. It is convenient, and people like it! The crowned player in this area is Siri; however, many Android devices have something similar now.

8. Mobile Wallets

Integrating various payment methods is one of the most significant mobile app development trends. It simplifies many processes and allows us to pay for goods and services quickly. Also, it makes transactions more secure as people do not need to carry cash with them all the time.

9. App Minimalism

The trend of app minimalism appeared a few years ago and is still relevant. It means that an app should have only those features that are necessary for its functioning. The developer should remove the excess as it makes an app more complicated and takes up too much space on a mobile device.

10. Chatbots

The integration of chatbots is one of the most significant mobile app development trends for now. They allow us to provide better customer service and save time on routine tasks. Also, chatbots are amazing for marketing purposes as they can collect data about customers and their preferences.

But mostly, those robots are perfect helpers when your support managers or you cannot pay attention to all customers. The chatbot will have enough competence to answer basic questions. Of course, that assistance will be fast and general. Still, the customer will feel that they are not alone high, and dry with their questions.


Trends change quickly, and business races are never merciful to all participants. It is vital to plan your mobile app development. Plus, adjusting to new informational demands will allow you more flexibility. So, make sure you stay updated on all the latest trends!

Of course, it is not obligatory to follow every single one. But you should know about all the options available for your business. Only then will you be able to make informed decisions and create a competitive offer!

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