In the olden times, people needed cassettes to survive their music needs. The cassettes had taped that needed to be rolled manually. Technology advanced and thus entered ‘CD’s. However, they used to get scratched and ended up getting wasted more than often. In the 21st century, Spotify has changed the music game completely by making our lives easier. Just one connect, and you can listen to whatever music you want, with the ease and comfort knowing that you won’t have to roll the tape after the song is over, and you won’t have to make sure the CD goes scratch less.

When it comes to music streaming on our phones, Spotify is our top choice. Spotify has sincerely made our lives stress-free. What is the best part, you may ask. The answer is simply that you can use the Spotify without downloading any App. Yes, you read it right. You do not need to sacrifice on that storage space on your laptop or computer, you can simply play the music right from your web browser.

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How to Use the Spotify Web Player?

Let us show you how the Spotify Web Player works, and how to use it easily. The Spotify Web Player can currently be only accessed on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and UC Browser. If you use Safari as your main web browser, you would not be able to turn on the Spotify Web Player.

Follow the steps carefully to make sure to use the Spotify web player properly on your laptops

  1. Head over to your Desktop Browser and type in ‘
  2. A login page will appear. Type in your email address and password and click on ‘Login’. Unless you’re living under a rock, you already know that you can also log in easily with Facebook as well. However, this provides all your public Facebook information and connects your Facebook with Spotify through third-party authorization.
  3. You have been logged in. Now head over to the left side of the page where you’ll find the four options ‘Search, Home, Recently Played, and your Library.
  4. Use the Search option to find the songs by your favorite artists. Simply click on the song being shown and it will be played instantly. Yes, that’s how simple it is.
  5. The Recently Played tab will show you all your music history. This will ensure that you don’t lose your previous music when you’re searching for new music options.
  6. Your Library will show you your playlists and songs which are liked by you or selected as your favorites, by you. Think of it more like your own personal playlist. If you want to create a playlist, you can simply click on the option of ‘New Playlist’ and add music in the ‘Create Playlist’
  7. While on the Homepage, you’ll see options such as ‘Genres’ and ‘Discover’ that would link you to the music that you like. This page would also comprise of recommendations according to the type of music you have listened in the past.

Shortcuts to use Spotify Web Player on Chrome

Pause and Play: Press Alt, Shift, and P

Save track: Press Alt, Shift, and F

Shortcuts to use Spotify Web Player on Firefox

Pause: Press Alt, Shift, and P

Play: Press Alt, Shift and B

Save track: Press Alt, Shift and S

Spotify Pricing Plans

Spotify has two plans for the users. One of them is unpaid, and the other one is paid. Whichever plan you choose, you can simply open the browser to play the music at any time you want. With a free version, you get the same high-quality experience, but there’s a catch. Spotify will play ads in between your music to pay for the music that you’re consuming, and to make sure that they keep providing you with the same amazing experience, while also feeding the bank accounts of their talented musicians and artists.

With the paid version though, you can experience the actual trance as you forget about your life’s difficulties through the best quality music provided, free of any disruptions such as ads.

Our advice? Purchase the premium, paid version as it is a pretty good investment for your relaxing time. You can simply use the Spotify Web Player to play music on your tabs or laptops without wasting that storage space. If you’re using a friend’s device, or you’re on the go, the Spotify Web Player will smooth things up for you without you having to put much hassle in it.

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