Everyone wants their favorite hobby to bring at least a small income. If you are fond of video games, you’re lucky — it’s not hard to monetize this hobby today. You may not be making millions of dollars a year, but a thousand of that sum would probably make you happy.

Video games are the hottest hobby of the 21st century. Their availability is incredible. People play dozens of genres everywhere — mobile gaming, PC gaming, and console gaming. On YouTube, there are millions of gaming channels where you can find let’s plays, cheat codes, secrets, and interesting facts about video games.

The most engaging streams and video gaming channels can get hundreds of thousands of views in just two-three days. Regular gaming activity brings channel owners a nice income from views and advertising. YouTube gaming has become so popular that the competition in this niche is incredibly high.

Imagine that you don’t want to stream games on YouTube or Twitch, but you love to read, watch, and talk about the video game industry and the latest gaming news. If so, then, in this article, we’ll discuss the main points you should know about a gaming news YouTube channel in 2022. Let’s go!

1. Budget

Even if you start your gaming YouTube channel not only to share the up-to-date and relevant video game industry news with the audience but to monetize your blog in the future. Try to realize that you have to invest in your business time, energy, imagination, and savings.

Calculate how much money you’ll need to build a gaming PC (if you don’t already have one), buy all possible gaming equipment, promote your channel, and allocate funds for subscriptions to popular gaming news resources and video game purchases.

It’s also worth thinking about whether you’ll host contests on your gaming YouTube channel. People enjoy interacting with one another and receive something for free. Arrange a giveaway with rewards after your channel has at least 500 active subscribers. It can be scheduled to coincide with a holiday, a new video game release, or a certain number of views. The prize can be a gaming accessory or a game on Steam.

After you calculate the approximate budget and the amount satisfy you, you can proceed directly to creating the gaming YouTube channel itself. 

2. YouTube Channel Design

To begin publishing gaming news, you must first create a gaming YouTube channel. If you want to achieve success in this video hosting, don’t neglect branding from the start.

Without a unique logo, an engaging YouTube video intro, and a catchy name, your gaming channel won’t stand out from thousands of others. Since you have already decided on the niche, coming up with a name, logo, and cover photo won’t be extremely difficult. It’s desirable to develop all this yourself. But you can always turn to a professional designer.

3. Gaming Equipment

When you have already calculated the budget and created your gaming news YouTube channel, it’s time to move on to making the first video. However, before that, you need to purchase all the necessary gaming equipment and software.

Considering gaming equipment, for maximum comfort and good results you’ll need at least a powerful computer for video rendering, a quality headset, a comfortable chair, a microphone, possibly a webcam, and other crucial little things like a mousepad.

It’s also worth noting that you need to purchase a sufficient video editor. Something like iMovie for Windows is enough for a beginner — a well-developed app with a user-friendly interface. You’ll also need a screen recorder if you want to play new games or include screen recording in your gaming news. Don’t forget about audio editing software for high-quality sound as well.

4. Gaming Community

To always publish up-to-date info, you must join a gaming community to find YouTube video ideas. Yes, if you want to tell the audience and the world about the latest news in the video game industry, it’s simply vital for you to be subscribed to various resources. These can be streamers, bloggers, developers, best gaming news sites, various forums, and discussions on social networks. The more platforms you know, the better.

You’ll be the first to know about current and interesting events in the world of video games — from the release of a new game to the dismissal of a top manager. In addition, there are a lot of insiders in the gaming community who have information that is extremely intriguing to a wide and curious audience.

5. Video News

This point covers not only YouTube video ideas but also the process of creating the gaming news itself. Your videos should be short, informative, and of high quality.

Try to write each video’s scenario in advance and develop a general scheme. You can divide videos into parts and include specific news blocks in them: recent video game releases, news from developers, and gaming community members’ opinion, for example. 

6. Regularity and Diligence

When choosing a gaming news niche and creating such a YouTube channel, you should be fully aware that this hobby can take up all your free time. Although you’ll most likely have to test the games yourself, spend much time editing videos and expanding your audience.

Moreover, it’s critical to publish regularly and upload videos to your gaming news YouTube channel daily. It also should be noted another peculiarity of the gaming news niche — the inability to record videos in advance and post them in 1-2 weeks, as many YouTubers do.

You probably already know that the gaming news YouTube channel, which not only produces 4K videos with excellent resolution but also delivers the most relevant and fascinating information from the world of video games, will grow in popularity. As a result, you’ll have to work on video creation on a daily basis since news about the video game industry has hourly updates.

Summing Up

If you’ve read thus far and still aren’t convinced that starting your gaming news YouTube channel is a good idea, you should consider the pros and drawbacks again. Determine whether you’re willing to devote so much time, energy, and money to a hobby that can provide you with a steady income in the future.

If yes, we wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals.

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