Apex Legends generously rewards players with badges if they perform enough kills, grinding, and other kinds of damage during the missions. These are special emblems that give each player an opportunity to show other players their achievements. The game offers over one hundred badge variations. However, only a handful of them are the most wanted and privileged for players. 

A 4k damage badge is one of the sought-after badges. It is very difficult to achieve because you have to get 4000 damage in one match. And if you do, it grants you access to a special club of the top players, and so far, not many have managed it. It is hard to miss the two crossed hammers drawn on that blue background, so you can be sure it is what you craved.

Though there are only a few players who succeed in earning the 4k badge, you should not be put off. Not only can professional gamers reach that goal, but even an average player also has a chance to do enough damage to receive it. All you have to do is to build a certain strategy and start polishing it off by doing a lot of damage. And this guide will help you with some tried and tested tips that may come in handy for your complicated task.

1. Play Aggressive and Visit Hot Spots for More Damage

To obtain a 4k damage badge, you need to combine killings and damage. The most convenient way to do it is to find an area where it is already hot. Just rotate there and lead your battle aggressively. It will increase your chances of a damage-win. Basically, these places include Skull Town, Thunderdome in Kings Canyon, and Capital City in World’s Edge. Usually, you will find the largest battlefields in the middle of the map.

When you are traveling in the Dropship, monitor where your enemies are heading and try the hot spots first. So, when you land, start intensive fighting. It is vital that you hit 1,000 damage at the beginning of your run, so it leads you to 4000 damage by the end of the game.

The primary strategy here is the constant hunting of enemies. The tactics allow you to gain more damage and avoid being hurt while constantly moving through the location. Follow the shooting sounds, and you will find the areas with the most extensive fighting, which have a huge potential for damage. Try actively participating in battles and continue reading our guide to discover what’s next on the list.

2. Let Your Opponents Recover Before You Damage Them

The key elements of your strategy are to let your opponents heal themselves, so you can attack them again and thus leave more damage and earn more points that will help you to receive a 4k badge. This way, you can start farming your damage in the same way you do with loot and other game artifacts, legitimately. 

Professionals recommend the tactic of going for total damage towards the end of the game because it involves some critical risks. If you allow your enemies to heal, they receive a new life, so be cautious and try to stay in control of the situation, or you can forget about the 4k damage badge. Keep actively moving through the area to avoid harm.

If you see that there are many other squads left in the location, thirst them and move. It helps your team to avoid the intrusion of another team that could steal your kills. Stick to the plan and change locations to perform more damage, promising kills.

3. Sniper Rifles Come in Handy for Long-Distanced Fight

The most beneficial tactic to earn a 4k damage badge is to choose long-range battles instead of close-quartered ones. Thus, you have more chances to lead the run without significant harm and get 4000 damage. For that purpose, you have to pick suitable weapons like sniper rifles. They can be one of the top choices that let you hide and perform some damages unnoticed, changing your positions. 

A Longbow and Charge Rifle can cause severe damage to your enemies. They are great for long-distance fights. It looks like you are poking your opponents. You may disagree that this way of leading a battle is effective because the enemy is quite far away, and before you get closer, they have already healed. However, such a tactic will bring you closer to achieving that 4k damage badge. 

You can repeat these damage actions while you move toward your enemies and, at some point, change your rifle for a more convenient one as you are moving. So, starting with the minimum damage to your enemies, you can intensify the cycle and cause them more harm. The strategy also lets you affect many teams at once.

4. Finish the Players, but Not Too Fast to Earn Extra Damage

If you need extra damage, another valuable tip would be to thirst your opponents who are down. Earlier in the previous game versions, that did not count, but since the latest release, it is legit. So, to obtain a 4k damage badge, you can use such players until they are out and farm more damage.

Each knocked enemy can bring you 100 damage points. That is why you should try not to defeat all three players at once to gain those extra points for a 4k badge. Keep thirsting such players and enjoy additional points. 

5. Find Reliable Team Players

Your chances of you getting that 4k badge will significantly grow if you perform the damage run with your friends. Therefore, your management and tactics control will work more successfully than if you perform the mission with random players.

Your teammates will leave players knocked down for you to finish off and create additional damage, whereas others would simply steal those extra points and fulfill the kill all by themselves. To reach your 4k damage badge, try to find some cooperative players, and explain your idea. The task will be less challenging if you organize a strong, reliable squad. Cooperation during the mission will bring you much more damage, so you can gain a 4k badge in one match.

When the squad understands that they have done enough damage at a certain place, try to hear whether there is more gun fighting nearby and continue running there to proceed with the damage, shooting and farming more kills. The movements should not stop until you get that 4k badge. Coordinate your teammates quickly to escape unnecessary harm, and try to recharge in hidden areas.

6. Look on Apex Badge Boosting if You Tried Everything Above

Sometimes, if you fail to gather a team of trusted participants, you may feel low because earning a 4k damage badge is impossible on your own. Even with countless efforts and different strategies, it might not be enough. So, the best solution here is to get help by professional players from Apex badge boost services. 

These services provide experienced teams of players who are real gaming pros. They can perform the mission and gain this elusive 4k damage badge by playing your character and even let you watch a stream of their performance. 

There are other good badges you may be eager to earn, so you can watch their tactics, see how much damage they caused and understand their ways of achieving more complex rewards. 

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