How to download YouTube videos

Here’s the step by step guide to how to download YouTube videos for free

Download YouTube Videos

Download and Install 4K Video Downloader

Are you the one who wants to download YouTube videos to the windows pc? if yes, you can start it by downloading along with the installing of the 4k video downloader. The versatile software is all free, and that have potential to download all playlist. There are some other features as well like 3D videos and 360-degrees. Once it has done with all process then check the box marked that is named as ‘launch’ and then click ‘Finish’.

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Copy and paste the video URL

download youtube videos

First open you web browser and then find the video or anything which you like to download from Youtube and on the other hand copy its URL from the address bar. Then go back to 4K video downloader and then click the button which is green in colour ‘paste link’ button just at the top left.

Although software will come up with retrieve information that is all about videos and that gives you quality options as well. And if we talk about quality so they never compromise on original video. And video can easily download through Youtube videos in 4K and it is available.

Choose the quality and format

how to download a youtube video

Downloader like 4K video downloader will allow you to download whole videos, or you can say rip audio. And now select your selection while using the drop-down menu on the left. And then use format while using the menu just on the right. But we prefer MP4 just for our videos. That gives a good impact on quality and size file. That can easily provide on every device.

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Whereas choose your standard quality. And for playing back video that will be on your tv or pc and we recommend you for picking the highest resolution. But it will take more space but you can easily check the size of file which is on the left side to see that how much you take space.

On the other hand you can choose the downloaded video which is saved while using the ‘Browse’ button just at the bottom. And when you are happy then click the ‘Download’.

Download Youtube videos

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

The video that is downloaded for you is on YouTube video. There are some others videos that are being uploaded by the creator’s channel.  However 4K downloader will ask that you want to download those video as well or it can download around 24 videos at a time.

And when the video that is being finished from downloading then you will easily find it in the destination folder where on the right click it has around 4k video downloader in which you can select ‘play’. Unless you can adjust the settings as well while the video will stay in this list until you can select the remove button and remove it. You close and then go for restart button for software.

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Try Smart Mode

Heres the step by step guide to how to download YouTube videos for free

If you want to download videos with the same pattern then you must go for smart mode because this actually save download preferences but it loads a lot by their own or we can say automatically. And you can click light bulb icon just on the top right and on the other time you just paste a URL into around 4K video downloader, and it will download YouTube videos on Android device as well and iPhone as well.

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