How to Change Gmail Password on PC and Android

Gmail is a free email service powered by Google to help you connect with your friends, family, and co-workers through email and store data such as messages, images, and other attachments. If you are having a long conversation through email messages, Gmail automatically stores them in one thread to help you figure out the last messages sent and refer through them in case the need arises.

If you are a Gmail user and are looking to find ways to change the Gmail password, no worries. We will tell you how to change the Gmail password in easy steps to guide your way through the process. Simply follow these steps and you’ll know how to change the Gmail password in no time.

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How to Change Gmail Password on PC?

Step 1: Log in to your email account

Type in ‘’ and click on the sign-in button at the top-right corner of the screen. A new webpage will appear asking you details about your email address and password. Simply enter your email address for Gmail and the password. Sometimes if you have allowed the two-factor authentication, Gmail asks you to authenticate through your phone number by sending you a code in your text messages. Keep in this mind and verify the account if requested by Gmail.

Step 2: Scroll through the settings tab

Scroll through your google account to find the settings tab and click on Security Settings. This will show your Security Page for Gmail.

Step 3: Browse your security settings

In your security settings page, you’ll see that there are many options available for you to reset your security settings or restore them to default. Find the option ‘Signing in’ or ‘Change Password’.

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Step 4: Click on the section ‘Signing in’ or ‘Change Password’

Click on the button and it will lead you to another web page where you can add your old password and then add a new one below it. Make sure to type in the right password for both of the blanks so that they match otherwise Gmail won’t change it and ask you to check it again. The best password is a mixture of alphabets, symbols and numbers created so that no one is able to guess or steal your password. If you think you’ll forget it, you can write it down somewhere safe such as the notepad on your computer, or on your phone.

Step 6: Click on OK to save new settings

Whenever you are satisfied with the new password, click on ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ to change your password. Now that you are happy with your settings, you should also verify if you have set up the two-factor authentication and the right phone number on your Gmail account. And while you are at it, please make sure to add a backup email address to help you get back into the accounts if required.

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How to Change Gmail Password on Android?

To change your password on an android phone, simply open your application and click on the menu icon that has three dots or three lines. You’ll find it at the top left corner of your android app. Click on settings and then click on the ‘Security’ button. It will lead you directly to the page where you can change your password. Add your new password and apply ‘OK’. Your password will be changed and you’ll be all set to use it again with the new password.

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