Good communication is crucial to any positive business relationship. Marketers are responsible for maintaining good customer relationships, which can be challenging when the customer base is largely Gen Z with a short attention span.

Both Gen Z and millennials need email to sign up for almost everything, so email marketing is still effective. However, businesses must understand that the gen z communication style is unique. Writing emails and various types of content for such an audience requires understanding what they find appealing.

Gen Z makes up 32% of the world’s overall population; a large market waiting to buy your products. Innovative entrepreneurs are now seeking ways to write engaging emails targeting this tech-savvy generation.

Does Gen Z Like Email Marketing?

Gen Z likes email marketing but not when you’re constantly trying to sell to them. For them, the brand’s identity matters more than the product. Gen Z is enthusiastic about personality and value. Just like experts working at EduBirdie – one of the best custom writing services. So if you’re targeting them in your email marketing campaign, focus on customer relationships rather than just selling.

Gen Z is often portrayed as a group of kids who don’t take email seriously, but that’s not the case. Not all of them are kids; some of them are college students who value knowledge. They read books, research papers, etc. so email is no stranger to them. 

They may be the most enthusiastic generation about email marketing, with over half (53%) claiming to engage with their favorite brands’ emails. The key to engaging Gen Zs through email marketing is making it relevant, personal, and timely — just like any other form of content marketing.

How To Communicate With Generation Z Through Emails?

Gen z technology dependence significantly influences how they perceive and respond to things. They grow up with technology and have never known life without it. They’re social media savvy; hence, it may be challenging to reach them through traditional methods like emails. Nevertheless, there are effective ways you can engage them with emails.

Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

They’re mostly on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, and lengthy content is hard to read on a small screen. Gen Z communication style is instant messaging; it’s the Snapchat age. You cannot format emails like an instant message, but you can make them easy to read like that:

  • Write short sentences.
  • Keep the paragraphs short (2-3 sentences).
  • Use images in between texts.
  • Choose a mobile-friendly template with a lot of white space.
  • When sending an email containing information that needs to be skimmed, such as an announcement or reminder, use bullet points instead of paragraphs. 

Go Straight to the Point

Generation Z is known for having short attention spans, so make your subject lines short.  If your message is too long, they might not get past the first few lines. Also, make sure there’s no fluff in your message so that when they stop to open your email, it’ll be worth it. 

Your subject line should depict the idea behind the email; it should be compelling and engaging. They’ll open the email if they’re interested in something they’re interested in. The content should be concise; don’t leave your readers wondering what it’s about. Whilst it’s crucial you write reader-friendly emails, avoid misleading content.

Use User-Generated Content

Friendly reminder, they dislike advertisements; they value authenticity. They’ll appreciate professional photoshoots instead of stock photos. You’ll be more likely to connect with Gen Z if you include user-generated content (UGC) in your email marketing. Use photographs of real people using your items. 

Personalize Your Emails

Use their name or other personal information in the subject line or body of the message. For example, “Hey John” or “Hi [Name],” instead of “Hello.” The content of the email is to meet their needs so before sending a Gen Z an email, find out what they’re interested in and send them emails about their interest.

Explain How Your Products Help Them

Gen Z has had its fair share of stress from the media and companies. It seems everyone is trying to get their attention lately. They’re aware of these marketing strategies and are fed up with them. Be vocal about how your products can help them save time and relieve stress. 

Identify Your Brand

They get a lot of emails; make sure yours stands out and your company name is bold. You can add a sentence to remind them why they’re receiving the email.

Let Them Decide When They Want to Receive Emails

Some marketers in a bid to increase the effectiveness of their campaign send too many emails. To strike a balance between staying visible in your audience’s inbox and spamming, allow Gen Z to decide how often they want emails from you. 


It’s easy to imagine a Gen Z university student spending three hours on Instagram rather than checking their email. You can’t time them but rely on a captivating subject line to do the magic. Some of them are working and may not check their phones frequently. Most Millennials and Generation Z said they check their email once a day, generally at lunch or after work.

If you’re targeting working Gen Z, sending emails around this time will put you in a good position. When your leads have a spare minute to read it, the message should be at the top of their inbox, and with your captivating subject line, they’ll likely open it.

Reviews Are Evergreen

You have to convince them that your products are what you claim, and reviews are an effective way to do that. If you’re going after Generation Z, it makes sense for you to invest more time and energy into building up your product review pages.

Display Your Values

Generation Z wants to know that companies care about their peers worldwide; they want to help others. Use your email campaign to express your support for people all across the world. Ensure your text doesn’t come across as arrogant or dismissive of the folks you’re supporting.

Be honest about your place in the world, and show your subscribers that you’re attempting to make a difference. If you want to impress Generation Z, you must demonstrate how your principles influence how you do business.

Use inclusive language and images in your email marketing, and promote sustainable aspects of your manufacturing process.

Do Not Intrude

Gen Z is far more cautious than millennials when sharing information online. Though they’re so much into social media, they are interested in what companies do with their data. If they perceive you collect their data to keep sending emails to buy stuff, they just may not respond. Make it clear what kind of data you collect and how you intend to use it. 

Build Trust

Building a sustainable customer relationship should be of utmost importance to you. Gen Z doesn’t want you bugging them with products; they want to be a part of the decision-making process. Don’t hide anything or try to deceive your subscribers with clickbait or false subject lines. They can unsubscribe if you try to deceive them.


Gen Z has already disrupted the business world with its different work styles and communication preferences. Businesses will have to adjust to new trends and learn ways to communicate online since this audience is mainly on the net. 

Break up your emails into useful chunks so that no one feels overwhelmed. Clearly explain what you want from recipients, and make sure you are following up for a reason. They do not ignore their email, but if they’re to read yours, it has to be worth it.

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