Best Terraria Mods

Below you’ll find the list of must have Terraria mods.

Best Terraria Mods

Well, first of all, let me tell you what type of game, Terraria is. To begin, it’s a 2D game filled with adventure and you explore different places. So, for those who love exploring and travelling, nothing is better than this game. This updated game has more than 2500 items in Terraria. It’s something that grooms you, helps you to manage yourself independently where you beat the bosses, go for building infrastructures, collect the weapons and tools and a lot more to do. The most interesting fact is that, this game has sold around 12 million copies which, of course, is not a small deal. Although it costs 10 dollars, but the game is worth it.

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This game has fortunately completed it’s seven years of success and it can easily be modified as per your wish. There are hundreds of mods available, out of which we will be telling the best ones. Sometimes, it’s human nature that we get tired playing the same game again and again, hence, installing these mods will change the game for you and surely, will make the game more interesting for you. Try it!

Not to make this piece of information more technical for you, we’ll inform you How to install these mods?

In order to install these mods, you will have to download an application called the tMod Loader. Now what will it do? It will basically add another item in your game’s main menu and that is Mod Browser from where you can search all the great mods you want for your game and enjoy!

Now, coming to the main point What are the best Terraria mods, 2019?

  • The first mod is start with base:

It gets quite irritating when you’re making a base every time you start a new game. It wastes your time and gets boring too. Therefore, this start with base mod helps you to make this game more faster as whenever you’ll start a new game, the base will be there and no time wastage.

  • The second best mod is the recipe browser:

It takes a lot of time to learn the recipes of different items and it’s quite difficult too. Therefore, if you want to get rid of it, then this Recipe browser mod is the best thing you can have. Instead of searching through the wiki, you can easily download it and this will help you to search any recipe you wish to see with the name of the item. This mod also has a database and descriptions.

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  • Another best mod is Reduced grinding mod:

This mod is basically for the ones who feel frustrated while grinding for long time and finding the rare items can be boring too. Hence, just like the name of this mod, it can easily increases the rate of grinding and can skip several bring events related to grinding.

  • Then comes the imkSushi’s crafting mode:

Here, it’s again for the ones who hate grinding. Although you have the reduce grinding mod, but this one allows you to make your game more engaging by letting you craft according to your wish and also enables you to summon the bosses again that you have previously defeated if you like fighting or action. Then it also adds several different kinds of recipes along with new items.

  • Terraria Magic storage is another best mod of Terraria:

While playing this game, Terraria, you keep on collecting many items and several different things. It can be a headache for you to keep a check on these storages and can create a lot of confusion. Hence, as a result, we have this Terraria Magic storage that enables us to create a main network that will allow us to go through our items on a single block. We can also search for them by the help of it’s name or the type of the item.

  • We also have cheat sheet in Terraria:

Now, what is this cheat sheet? This mod helps you to create your own places on the map or copy paste the places on the map wherever you like in order to make it more engaging. It helps you to rearrange the game’s assets and enhance your creativity.

  • Thorium; The biggest mod of the game:

Personally, it’s my most favourite mod and there’s a reason behind it. This mod help to competely change the game according to you as it can add 1800 items more and more than 50 sets of armours. It can also help you introduce 11 new bosses and more than 150 enemies which makes it more challenging and tricky. Therefore, this mode will be your most favourite too if you try it once.

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  • Terraria Overhaul:

mod helps you to add new game playing style and remakes the existing items in the game rather than introducing new components or items. It basically changed the framework of the game and makes it more simple by just renewing the items rather than adding more and making it more complicated.

  • Calamity:

is also one of my favourite mods which I think is also one of the best mods of Terraria just like the Thorium. This mode enables us to play the game with hundreds of enemies and around 22 new bosses giving us the opportunity to have amazing abilities to fight. After playing the native game if you get tired, you can try this mod which adds many more new items and makes the game totally different.

  • Tremor:

stands beside Thorium giving us the chance to play this game for a longer time with abundance of items and more than 20 new boozed along more invasions. So, if you’re a big fan of this game, you shall definitely try this.

  • N Terraria:

So, the last mod that we are going to mention is N This mode is quite different from the others, it brings along many different races and classes which eventually leads to the addition of different levels and makes this game more interesting and capture the player’s attention who does not feel like to end the game.

So, these were some great and best modes of Terraria 2019. We have tried all our best to guide you as simpler as we can. You can download these mods for free and easily as per the application mentioned above. Hopefully, you liked it!


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