Best Free Video Editing Software of 2019

Here’s the list of Top 7 Best Free Video Editing Software

Best Free Video Editing Software of 2018

If you are a filmmaker or belonging to any film industry, then you may find a brilliant but best free video editing software that can serve all the essential features.  Film industries and some of the multinational companies are offering excellent and efficient video editing software. But nowadays people prefer to have one of the best and fast working editing software. They are searching for best and advanced software rather than go for any other option. Quality and result are two main factors that people are getting more concerned while buying any video editing software. Here we are available to provide all the best and expensive video editing software along with all the high qualitative features. In this blog, we will mention  out all the outstanding questions and their answers about editing software.

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Top and free Video Editing Software

In this article are providing the list of top rated and best video editing software which are available for free. Now you do not need to be depressed about your budget.  You should make sure that you correctly understand all its usage because editing any video is not an easy task.  That can take a lot of time, efforts and also demands some best person who has perfect knowledge in editing field to get valuable and excellent outcomes. Here we have listed some top rated free video editing software you can use to make brilliant image quality.

1. Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos video editing software free

Microsoft Photos using one of the best and most popular video editing software which is currently used by millions of people. It is an image viewer and video clip editing software that can be used to get valuable and perfect results in one go.  Microsoft Photos can also organize your whole pictures gallery. None other than this it also gives you a free sharing app of your gallery photo worldwide. Its unique feature of raster graphics editor makes it more unique and valuable in all over the world. The high-quality photo sharing application is only available in windows 10. It is a perfect replacement used with any Microsoft windows photo viewer software. You can also directly share and upload our photos on Facebook, Twitter, and other connecting platforms. It can also come up in advanced features listed below:

  • Photos cropping
  • Reduction with red-eye and noise
  • Exposure corrections
  • Blemishing removal system

2. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express video editing software free

HitFilm Express is most effective, and one of the best free video editing software for windows 10 found all over the internet. Through this software, you take the 2D picture and after this image generator system convert it into the 3D image.  That is a widely used software which currently used by professional. The new audio fixing features able you to maintain the audio quality. You can also make smooth fishing transitions between every image shot by HitFilm specific software. Dedicated image editing feature you can now trim your images with extra overlay functional features. The wide range of 800 different unique effects combined to create a fine and smooth picture. Color correction and image grinding feature are also available in this software. Now you can easily import the 3D model without any extra extraction with other software. None other than this 3D muzzle effect, scientific effects, lenses toolkit, image distortion effects and lightening effect with wrapping tools can increase the value of your image

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3. Shotcut

Shotcut video editing software free

Shotcut is a latest and 3D featured editing software. The latest audio and video format intended in this advanced software. This advanced software supports all kind of images formats like GIF, JPEG, SVG, and many more within the sequence line.  in previous software, you need to import your photos, but in shotcut, you don’t need to go back in your previous win editing software. Shotcut automatically detect all the photos that need to be edit. This software support all kind of operating systems. The web cam feature captures instant pictures. The multi-format quality makes it more valuable because through this feature you can mix match your previous pictures and get frame rates. It can also support up to 4K resolutions. The high-quality video generator plugins can create color bars and give plasma effects.

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve video editing software free

Well! Next, we can use DaVinci resolve which is not only best but also advance in its features and qualities. Though there are some features which cannot use unless you pay for them yet there are many features which can use for free. There are many versions which are found online for free and you can use them up easily. Each version is in a market with a new and best feature. Each version is best then the previous one. You can make use of these versions as they have updated the new version with some more qualities.

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5. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor video editing software free

VSDC is one of those video editing software which is having tons of features used in editing videos. It is having video range and variety of effects and editing features. You can add a soundtrack, and you can make some best changes according to your wish. You can make changes in an outlet or also in the background for free. The software is one of the best video editing software which is used by many users. It can also use by the common person for home usage. It is having the best effects with too many dimensions. Each one is unique in its sense. It can handle many media files you can add any file into it and make use of it. You can save them and can also enjoy creative media project.

6. Lightworks

Lightworks video editing software free

It is the best and unique video editing software which is being used to edit videos. It is easy in making use of its filters and many other features to edit a video. It has a unique feature of making the edition of videos up to 250 plus. You can add videos and edit all of them. It is not having any issue or any flaw when it comes to editing. There is a problem which user is facing or can face that is of making use of user interface which not found too easily, and a user has to work hard to find it.

7. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor video editing software free

VideoPad video editor is a unique video editing software which is used to edit videos. The user can make use of it without any difficulty and also can use it for daily routine work. It is best in its working and has many features. It is unique because of its unique and best filters and effects. One can hardly find these effects anywhere else. Not only this it is easy in making use of it, and one can use it on their system without being into any trouble. It can customize so easily that you may not have any issue. One can add many videos into it to make editing and can make use of the files.

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