The Autofull gaming chair is touted as premium gaming at a relatively affordable price tag. Those who have been following gaming chairs for a while will know that good gaming chairs can run for a lot of money.

This begs the question that whether the Autofull ergonomic series gaming chair can fulfill what it has set out to achieve or is it another case of the water being too shallow, to begin with.

Well, we are going to find that out in the detailed review of the Auttofull gaming chair when we access each aspect of this chair. So are you ready to unravel what’s beneath the advertisement jargon of the Autofull gaming chair? Spoiler alert, this chair hits a home run.

AutoFull Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Series

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AutoFull Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair Review

  • Very solid construction
  • Great attention to detail
  • Dence and thick leather padding
  • Comfortable and supportive shape
  • Adjustable lumbar and neck rest pillows
  • 3D adjustable armrest
  • Can only recline only up to 155°
  • No footrest at this price is a letdown

Bottom line:

The Autofulll gaming is no ordinary chair under the $200 price tag. This chair fully encompasses its identity of being premium. For the premium aspect and the attention to detail that comes along with it, you sacrifice on some features that are offered at this price range.

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Editor’s Rating

Design and Overview

AutoFull gaming chair hosts a very clean yet nice-looking design. The chair has a premium and elegant vibe right from the get-go.

This chair is available in a variation of 3 colors and these being red, blue, and grey. It also has a two-tone color scheme found on most gaming chairs with black being the dominant color in all variants.

The chair earns its premiumness from the attention to detail. Pixel peeping on the subtle things like stitching quality and feel reveals that the manufacturer has paid special attention to small things. 

For the general design, the first thing I noticed was the large size of the chair. The wide seat and tall backrest of the chair make accommodating bigger people easier.

The rated weight capacity of the chair by the company is 400lbs which also adds to the aforementioned fact.

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Build Quality and Materials

The build quality is this chair is simply phenomenal. This is another area where the chair fully justifies its price tag.

The mainframe of the chair is made from metal with a heavy-duty nylon base that is used to support the combined weight of the person and the chair.

There is no flimsy part on this chair and everything seems to be solid and sturdy. Also, the chair has very good stability and balance and does not have any squeaking noise.

In terms of the materials. the upholstery of this chair comes from leather. What separates this chair from other leather gaming chairs is the foam padding used.

In this chair, the foam is denser and thicker despite having the same softness. This makes the cushioning of this chair extremely comfortable for long sitting sessions.

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This chair has just the right amount of adjustability that you need on daily basis and nothing more. It takes the necessary adjustability and refines it to provide a sense of quality and comfort uncomparable to other gaming chairs in the same league.

The chair can recline up to 155° though this is not much but at the same time the recline of the chair is very stable and there is no creaking noise.

This chair also has 3D adjustable armrests. This means that the armrests besides having the ability to move in an up and down direction can also tilt sideways.

This feature is commonly reserved for high-end chairs and seeing this trickle down into this chair is a fantastic thing.

Then the chair has all the usual stuff like height adjustability, 360 swivel function, and a tensioning knob. These can be accessed via the respective levers placed on the underside of the chair.

The lumbar and the neck rest pillows that the Autofull gaming chairs are also fully adjustable. They can be moved all the entire backrest portion of the chair and stay put in their new position.

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Comfort and Ergonomic Support

The overall comfort of this chair is amazing. It is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in its price segment.

The use of high-quality memory foam and well-designed pillows shows the thought that went into designing this chair to make it a very comfortable offering.

The lumbar pillow and a neck pillow that the chair comes with are also well-shaped. The comfort is good for the pillows and these do not feel like an afterthought.


The value aspect of any product is important because in the sub $200 price point it is important that the product you buy provides maximum value.

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If we take the Autofull gaming chair into account then we can see that this chair is providing consumers with immense value.

It is the only gaming chair in the sub $200 price range that provides a premium experience to its users. For some people that point alone adds value to the product and justifies its price.

On the whole, if we evaluate each aspect of the Autofull gaming chair then we can see that it is packed with value all around.

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AutoFull Gaming Chair Review – Ergonomic Series



Editor’s Rating

This AutoFull gaming chair is undoubtedly great in some respects and average in others.

This chair single-handedly provides the most premium experience you can get out of a $200 chair. The build quality of the chair for the price is also unbelievably good.

When to comes to adjustability the chair falters a bit and loses massive points. This doesn’t however mean that the chair is uncomfortable.

Rather it has a supportive shape with soft padding that makes sitting on the chair stress-free and very enjoyable. All these attributes of the chair make it not for everyone.

Why You Should Buy This Chair

  • If premium look and feel is your priority then this chair is the best in that regard
  • This chair has the best build quality of any chair I have tested under the $200 price range.
  • The padding of the chair is very soft and dense at the same time. So regardless of your weight, there is plenty of padding on offer here.

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • This chair doesn’t offer best-in-class adjustability. If you want maximum adjustability you are better off with some other chairs
  • The chair does not offer any feature like a footrest or massage functionality like some competitors in the price range

To sum it up all I would like to say is that the Autofull gaming chair is an acquired taste. This chair is not for everyone but for the person that values a premium experience and everything that comes along with it.

AutoFull Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Series

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